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UEH Top 25 U-Multirank

UEH has been the Top 25 performers by Knowledge Transfer indicator (third Global University ranking press-U-Multirank, 2016, 2017, 2018)


U-Multirank is developed and operated by an independent consortium under the control of Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) in Germany; Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) at the University of Twente and Center for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Leiden located in Holland. Prof. Frans Van Vught from CHEPS and Prof. Dr. Frank Zieglle from CHE were the head of this corporation. Other partners include Bertelsmann Foundation, Push Consultant Group, Software Firm Folge 3, and other local partner and organization stakeholders.

U-Multirank is a new ranking system of university for all forms of HEIs in Europe and all over the world. U-Multirank offers multi-dimensional ranking based on 30 indicators covering 5 competence aspects. It benchmarks the overall performance of universities on scientific research, educational activities, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and local social responsibility where they are located.

This university ranking system allows customizing different ranking tables on user’s demand while identifying strengths and weaknesses of a university, or any given aspect(s) which they concern. U-Multirank data are collected from various sources which provide users a comprehensive set of information: data provided by schools/ universities, bibliometric database, international patents, and surveys from over 105,000 students from universities worldwide.

Being ranked by U-Multirank brings forth considerable benefits for educational organizations: the university’s competency is publicized in an international ranking list by common criteria and specific fields via a user-friendly web tool thanks to which students, parents, lecturers, education institutions seeking for partnership, enterprises, research organizations, etc. are able to compare UEH’s competencies with those of other local and international universities in order to make decisions.

U-Multirank is funded by the European Union and received 4 million Euros from the European Union - Erasmus Program in the period of 2013 - 2017. The objective of the program is to establish an independent non-profit organization (NGO) to run the ranking tables as an open source for international benchmarking on demand of stakeholding groups in the HE system.

U-Multirank announced its multi-dimensional university ranking table - the third edition 2016.

UEH was ranked in top 25 universities worldwide in terms of “knowledge transfer” on the criterion of “contribution to lifetime career development” by U-Mulitirank 2016.

On 4th April, 2016, U-Multirank, the biggest global website specialized in university ranking announced its latest ranking table at the page The third annual edition of U-Multirank has been the latest one since its first launch in 2014, featuring more than 1,300 universities from more than 90 countries. The edition covers more than 27,000 scores at institutional level and 66,000 scores in 13 specialized areas, many of which were integrated in the report for the first time.


Among the published wealth of data there is a set of 10 ranking lists, each of them features 25 top-performing universities standard by standard. U-Multirank consists of 10 standards in five dimensions: (i) Research (absolute number of publications), top cited publications, interdisciplinary publications; (2) Knowledge Transfer (co-publications with partners in the field, patents awarded, contribution for lifetime career development); (iii) International Orientation (student mobility, internationally joint programs, co-publications with foreign authors); (iv) Regional Research Engagment (Regionally joint publications with authors in 50 km radius); and (v) Teaching and Learning (student-staff ratio excluding full time researchers).

Top 25 performers by U-Multirank on “contribution for lifetime career development”:

Siberian Inst. Business (Russia); IPAC School of.Management Annecy (France); Federal U Agriculture Abeokuta (Nigeria); Cyprus International Institute of. Management (Cyprus) U KwaZulu-Natal (South-Africa); U Economics Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)-(UEH); ESSEC Business School Cergy (France); Lithuanian Maritime Acad. (Lithuania); Bocconi University (Italy); Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand); U Foreigners Siena (Italy); U St. Gallen (Switzerland); Open U Catalonia (Spain); Mondragon U (Spain); Catholic U Peru (Peru); Xiamen U (China); U Antonio; e Nebrija (Spain); Seconda U Napoli (Italy); Catholic U Portugal (Portugal); Grenoble Ecole de Management (France); RANEPA Moscow (Russia); VIA U College (Denmark) U Ramon Llull (Spain); Latin American U Science & Technology (Costa Rica) EDHEC Business School (France). More Information here.

UEH was listed in top 25 universities worldwide in terms of “knowledge transfer” on the criterion of “contribution to lifetime career development” by U-Mulitirank 2016, 18 out of which from Europe, 2 from Africa and 2 from Latin America. The list includes universities in a rich variety of competency profiles: business, technique, multi-disciplines, applied sciences, and open universities.


Safi Sabuni, President of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), congratulated on the latest edition of U-Multirank: “The rapdily increasing number of mobility students all around the world generates a need of  comparison on different aspects of excellence such as level of internationalization, teaching and learning quality, etc. and U-Multirank satisfies that demand with its multi-dimensional approach while listening to the learners and for the benefits of themselves.”

Prof. Dr. Frans van Vught, Head of U-Multirank’s joint project, commented: “The latest release of U Multirank again shows that there are different ways universities can demonstrate their excellence. Research is obviously an important criterion, but it is the diversity of education purpose is most critical in order to build the strength of higher education in a comprehensive perspective.”


UEH was ranked in top 25 universities worldwide in terms of “knowledge transfer” on the criterion of “contribution to lifetime career development” by U-Mulitirank 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively.